Connect the Breakout Cable (Optional for PoE Models)

CAUTION:  If you purchased an In-Sight 2000 vision sensor with PoE (Power over Ethernet) model, the Breakout cable is used only to connect the I/O or serial wires to a PLC or a serial device. Do not connect the Breakout cable to a 24VDC power supply.
Note: You can clip unused wires short or use a tie made of non-conductive material to tie them back. Keep bare wires separated from the +24VDC wire.
  1. Verify that the 24VDC power supply is unplugged and not receiving power.
  2. Optionally, connect the I/O or serial wires to an appropriate device (for example, a PLC or a serial device). For more information, refer to Breakout Cable Specifications.
  3. For non-PoE models, attach the Breakout cable +24VDC (red wire) and GROUND (black wire) to the corresponding terminals on the power supply.

    CAUTION:  Never connect voltages other than 24VDC. Always observe the polarity shown.
  4. Attach the Breakout cable M12 connector to vision sensor Power, I/O and RS-232 connector.

  5. Restore power to the 24VDC power supply and turn it on if necessary.