Welcome to In-Sight® Explorer!

In-Sight Explorer provides a powerful and completely integrated vision system configuration, management and operator interface, all within a single software package, and includes two development environments in which to program In-Sight vision systems:

  • EasyBuilder® provide a step-by-step template to simplify application setup, and an image-centric interface that facilitates point-and-click selection of features of interest in the image to configure inspections. For more information, see EasyBuilder View.
  • The Spreadsheet is the classic In-Sight Explorer development environment, offering the most flexibility and the fullest set of development tools. For more information, see Spreadsheet View.
Note: For the latest documentation, visit: support.cognex.com/documentation/in-sight.

Cognex Connect

Integrating In-Sight vision systems into your existing automation control system is easy with Cognex Connect™, the most comprehensive suite of communications capabilities ever available in a vision system. For more information, see Cognex Connect.

The In-Sight Communications Reference describes how In-Sight vision systems communicate with external devices over Ethernet networks or serial port connections using various protocols. For more information, see Communication Reference.

Note to New In-Sight Users

If this is the first time you have used an In-Sight product, you might want to read:

  • The Getting Started topics, which explain how In-Sight vision systems are typically integrated into factory automation environments, and programmed to perform a visual inspection of an object. For more information, see Getting Started.
  • The Glossary topic, which list definitions for important terminology and provide pointers on using this help file. For more information, see Glossary.