Getting Started with In-Sight® EasyBuilder

Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder is a software interface for your In-Sight vision system that allows you to quickly develop complex vision applications using a step by step approach to building and deploying your machine vision application jobs.

The In-Sight EasyBuilder provides the following functionalities:

  • You can adjust device settings, such as the image source and the device image acquisition settings.

  • You can add tools to the job such as pattern, edge finding, measurement, and ViDi EL tools.

  • You can edit, delete, rearrange or copy and paste the tools in your job.
  • You can set up your FTP server connection and image write settings.

  • You can configure device input/output signals.
  • You can configure operator HMI.


Note: For more information about the In-Sight Vision Suite software, refer to the In-Sight Vision Suite Help.