DataMan 6.3.0 Release Notes

The primary goal of the DataMan 6.3.0 release is to introduce DataMan 280 reader

Changes for DataMan 6.3.0

System Requirements

The PC you use to install DataMan software must meet the minimum hardware and software requirements. At least 2 GB free disk space and .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher is required for the installation to succeed.

Supported Operating Systems


Perform the following steps to install the DataMan software on the PC you will use to configure the settings for each DataMan reader:

  1. Download the DataMan Setup Tool from and follow the on-screen steps.

    If the installation utility does not start automatically, double-click on the file setup.exe in the installation folder.

  2. Connect your DataMan reader to your PC as described in the Quick Reference Guide for your reader.

  3. Choose Start->Cognex->v6.3.0 Setup Tool to launch the Setup Tool.

  4. Click Refresh to have Setup Tool auto-detect the DataMan readers connected to communication ports on your PC.

  5. Any DataMan reader available over your network will appear under the Network devices list.

  6. Select a COM port listing or Network device listing corresponding to your DataMan reader and click Connect.

For the most up-to-date information, consult the English-language documentation. The translated documents supplied with this release may not include recent updates.

Updating the Reader Firmware

Regardless of which type of DataMan reader you are using, you must perform the following steps to update the firmware on your reader if you are migrating to DataMan 6.3.0 from a previous release:

  1. Launch the DataMan Setup Tool and connect to your DataMan reader as described in the previous section.

  2. Choose System->Update Firmware or press F9 on your keyboard.

    The Setup Tool launches an Open dialog box.

  3. Select the correct firmware file for your reader and click Open:


NOTE: As of DM5.6.0, an FUP license is no longer required to load newer firmware on DataMan units.

Documentation Change Log

Release History

This section describes what was new and what changed in previous DataMan releases.

New Features for DataMan 6.1.10

New Features for DataMan 6.1.9

New Features for DataMan 6.1.7

New Features for DataMan 6.1.6 SR2

New Features for DataMan 6.1.6 SR1

New Features for DataMan 6.1.6

New Features for DataMan 6.1.3 SR1

New Features for DataMan 6.1.1

New Features for DataMan 6.1.0

New Features for DataMan 5.7.3

New Features for DataMan 5.7.1

The DataMan 5.7.1 provides support primarily for MX platforms.

New Features for DataMan 5.7.0

New Features for DataMan 5.6.3 SR2

New Features for DataMan 5.6.3 SR1

New Features for DataMan 5.6.3

The DataMan 5.6.3 expands capabilities for all current DataMan fixed-mount ID readers (DM50, DM60, DM150, DM260, DM300, DM360 and DM503 series).


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